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02 November 2008 @ 12:43 am
Let's Go Streeping...  
Hello everyone, and welcome to streeping. I created this community to show my appreciation and love for this wonderful actress. You can call me G. :-)

Meryl has been a huge part of my life, albeit, only on film, since I was born. My mother and I bonded over Meryl, and have been watching her movies together since I can remember.

This community was created not to compete with, but to support fellow communities that have already been created, and to attract a larger following to the many amazing sites on the web dedicated to Meryl. My personal favourite is "Simply Streep", but they are all great sites with tons of information. Think of this community as a daily digest of Meryl. If no new information arises, then there will simply be a picture post. Regardless, there will be a post in this community every day.

I hope this community will grow and flourish as time goes by! Make sure you add the community, because most posts will be locked. I encourage you all to post as well. If anyone has comments or concerns, please contact me directly at my personal journal, trippytaco.


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