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Daily News Comm for Meryl Streep

I dare you to go Streeping...
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a daily picture and news community for the beautiful Meryl Streep
This community was created not to compete with, but to support fellow communities that have already been created, and to attract a larger following to the many amazing sites on the web dedicated to Meryl. Think of streeping as a daily digest of news and pictures of Meryl. If no new information arises, then there will simply be a picture post. Regardless, there will be a post in this community every day.

Community Rules
• Please make all posts Friends Only. They will only be unlocked my a mod.
• Feel free to introduce yourself and make friends.
• All posts must be Meryl related.
• One picture may be posted outside an LJ cut, but if you post many pictures or graphics at once, place the remaining images behind a cut.
• The same rule applies to videos. One may be posted above a cut, but multiple videos should be placed behind a cut.
• You are more than welcome to advertise your community or webpage at streeping, as long as it is promoting Meryl or one of her affiliates.
• We all love graphics and icons. If you take an icon/graphic from a user who is kind enough to post them here, make sure you respect their hard work with proper crediting in your keywords.
• NO FLAMING. If you don't have something nice to say or, least of all, constructive, please take your comments elsewhere. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated here.

Affiliates and Moderators

There is only one moderator at this time. If you would like to make a contribution to the community by becoming a mod, don't be afraid to ask!

Currently, there are no affiliates. If you would like to be added, please leave a comment.

Mod's Corner
This site is under HEAVY CONSTRUCTION! Please bare with me/us as changes are made to better this community. A proper layout is being created at this time. The new face of streeping should debute soon.
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